VisioAutomation makes it easier for developers to control Visio from .NET languages. In addition to simplifying common tasks, it makes it easier to build your own Visio add-ins and automation/scripting tools. Finally, it enables you to generate simple Visio XML (VDX) files without even having Visio installed.

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You can get all the tools here:

Visio Power Tools

  • Power Tools for Visio 2007 - stable but in maintenance mode
  • Power Tools for Visio 2010 - beta but in active development


NuGet Packages

VisioAutomation 2010
This library only works with Visio 2010. This is current version in development starting on December 2011. This version is under current development and APIs may change during refactoring.

VisioAutomation 2007
NuGet package - this library works with Visio 2007 and Visio 2010. However, it naturally doesn't take advantage of any Visio 2010 features or APIs. This version is stable because there is no more active development going on - other than bug fixes.

NuGet package - this library generates Visio VDX files without the presence of the Visio application. Useful for creating diagrams from server-side code.

Visio C# Samples
NuGet package - Source code demonstrating how to use Visio APIs with C#. This code assumes you are using Visual Studio 2010.


Documentation is available here:

Stay Informed

I often write on Visio-related topics here:

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